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% today. how about energy stocks. the energy sector held up very, very well so far this year. we are near highs on most of these. today with the strong dollar, oil down and all of the big guys, apache and exploration production stocks and drillers like trans ocean and weather ford all on the down side. we did get a reversal yesterday with the airlines for a first time if a long time. all back up again today and we have regained losses we had yesterday. >> never behind, right? >> sort of just was a momentary blip here and people were thinking that now with all of the consolidation essentially over, allow the cost savings to realize how much more we are left in the airlines and dramatically raise the prices. >> two engines for the u.s. equity markets, lately. you're why as it went higher, so did our stock market and energy. >> both were going lower now and that served to stall our rally here. >> we have been stalled for a week and it has been churning and churning. unable it pierce the upper limit 55. every time we have the s & p, the market backs off. i'm not surprised with the market bein
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Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2